Zolarex Energy Foundation

Twenty percent of the world's population has no access to electricity. That's 1.4 billion people in the dark. We're changing that.

For every 200 Kilowatt of residential or Commercial solar power we install, our Zolarex Energy Foundation will donate a solar power system and battery to a school* and community* in need.

It's how we can all make a difference and light up the world.

Team Zolarex

* Under privileged school and community

Free Source

The sun is a direct source of energy. Using renewable energy technologies, we can convert that solar energy into electricity.

No Pollution

Solar lights produce no pollution and cause no harmful environmental effects.

Wireless Source

All solar lights are “wireless”. They are not “hooked up” to external sources of power.


Solar-powered outdoor lighting is virtually maintenance-free, since the batteries require no water or other regular service.

What is Solar Energy ?

Using solar power has become very popular in recent years. Solar powered devices are environment friendly and relatively cheap.

Solar energy systems make use of photovoltaic (PV) panels that are simply mounted onto your building’s roof or on nearby land. The panels absorb photons from the sunlight and produce direct current (DC) electricity.

The DC power from the solar panels on your roof is then converted by an inverter into alternating current (AC) which is the type of power you use in your home and office.

Now the power converted by the inverter to the AC form, travels from the inverter to your electrical panel. From here, the power can be used in your home or office - free of charge or sold back to your power company at the premium Tariff rate.

Why Is It Worth Investing In Solar Energy?

Energy supply represents a huge challenge. Not only are fossil fuel reserves dwindling, but their extraction becomes increasingly difficult. As a consumer, it is our duty to address this problem. How? By investing in renewable energy sources.

Companies that invest in solar power are convinced of the benefits of this energy source. They are visionary companies who are not afraid to adopt new technologies. They enjoy an attractive tax benefit and reduce their dependence on traditional fossil fuels, whose prices are rising. So they protect themselves as well as their clients indirectly, against rising energy prices.

Zolarex is a company that has responded to the great opportunity of photovoltaic installations for the business market.

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