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About Zolarex

Naveen D’souza

Naveen D’souza

Managing Director

Zolarex Renewable Energy Solutions LLP was founded by Naveen D’souza in May 2015. He is basically Electronic Engineer has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Power Electronics , specialized in design, manufacturing and services of Switch Mode Power Supplies. After leading his company Souza Technologies to successful heights under his proprietorship, he realized the growing demand for renewable solar energy in the market. In order to provide a clean and cost-effective energy, Zolarex has ventured into the market with a strong asset of knowledge on technology and experience in the field. Naveen has always desired to have his corporation move forward on pride, experience and trust.

Zolarex Renewable Energy Solutions LLP is engaged in providing solutions for ON Grid and OFF Grid power plant applications from Kilowatt to Megawatt. Zolarex want to bring energy independence to people where they can have their own power source when they need it.

Zolarex was founded with a strong belief that solar energy is going to be alternative to fossil fuels. It is not only clean energy but it is an economical option for various applications.

About Solar Energy

Today, the way we tap on solar energy goes beyond what our forefathers did. Other than making use of solar energy to grow our crops and vegetables, we are now looking into ways to tap on solar energy to drive our industries, our economies and our society.

That is where Zolarex comes in to provide you perfect and efficient Solar Solution for your need with our long earned experience in Electrical and Electronics Field.

Some of the more attractive applications for the system is domestic housing (urban and rural), bore-hole and surface pumps, electric fences, traffic lights, street lights, to mention a few.

Types of Solar Power Systems

The two main types of solar power systems are On Grid (Grid Tied) systems and OFF grid systems.

ON Grid or Grid Tie Solar Systems

Grid-tied – These systems are primarily designed to supply the generated power to the grid and also power to the load. These systems will not generate power during a grid power failure as the inverter shuts down the system to stop sending power into the grid and avoids the risk of electrocuting utility personnel who are working to repair the grid.

Grid-tied systems are less dependent on the sun as they are connected to utility grid. This means that whenever you need more power, you can get it from another source and likewise when you have unused solar energy you can feed it into the grid and get paid for it.

The bi-directional utility meter is the device that simply measures your energy production and consumption. In regions where a Net-Metering facility exists, when your solar system produces more than you use, you will be credited the kilowatts produced, depending on local Governments. This means that you are earning credits from your power company, which is then used to offset your next bill, or you can redeem your credits as deductions to your bill

OFF Grid Solar Systems

Off-grid system does not work with the grid and is designed to work only with a battery backup in off-grid applications

If you don't have access to electricity via the grid, the excess electricity that your home solar power panels generate can simply be stored in a battery bank for use later.

Off-grid systems are more suitable in those locations where there’s more sun. They are ideal if you are looking for stand-alone solar powered system, especially if the utility grid is not available in your location at all.